We’re Growing Onions From Seeds This Year

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Growing Onions From Seed Is Less Costly

One of the first advantages of growing onions from seed is the indisputable fact that it is less expensive than growing from a set. This fact certainly makes a difference to us in these rather difficult economic times and we tend to turn more towards being self-sufficient today without overspending.

If this sound like you and your situation perhaps growing onions from seed in your vegetable garden or containers is the best way to start.

Another big advantage in growing onions from seed comes with the indisputable fact that there is a far bigger level of variety in the onions you can grow. To the untrained eye, an onion might be an onion but there are many alternative kinds, all of which have their own tastes and subtleties.

If you like a selected onion or you’re aware that a specific type will go perfect with a dish you are hoping to make, growing onions from seed will give you a better opportunity of growing the onions that you want.

A disadvantage of growing onions from a set is the incontrovertible fact that they tend to bolt more so if you’re looking for a successful batch, it is often better to grow onions from seed. It can be really distressing to discover a heap of onions growing poorly and can frequently mean a lot of wasted money and time for a gardener. Should you be looking for a successful crop, choosing the seed option for your onions is probably going to be the best bet.

There are a lot of options available for onion growers but the benefits of growing onions from seed make this a natural choice for so many folk. If you want great onions, be certain to think about growing from seed.

We love the fact we get so many great vegetables we can grow in our home vegetable garden. I have two varieties of onion seeds I received from Mike The Gardener’s Seed Club. White Sweet Spanish which I love for sandwiches and Southport White Globe onions which are new to us.

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