Types of Termite Treatments

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Termite treatment cost can vary depending on the type of treatment that you decide to go with. There are many different methods that range from fumigation to using best fly traps. But before you decide to use any treatments it is important that you know a little about each one in order to make the proper decision.

Before you decide to go with one particular treatment it is recommended that you research other options. However, these other options are helpful if you don’t have a sever case of termites. If you do happen to have a sever case of termites it is important that you research and select the best treatment available. Here of are few other treatment options that you can try.

Termite Treatment Cost – List of Treatments

Liquid Treatment

This type of treatment is used as a chemical barrier that goes around the exterior of the house. This barrier is used to keep the termites from having access to your house. This is a very effective method since it can bring long term results. In order for this treatment to be done it is important that you seek professional help. This treatment comes in two forms repellent and non-repellent. Below is an explanation of both.


This repellent treatment that is spread throughout the soil around your house. Now this repellent helps termites from making their way into the house. Although this process may seem a little easy it does require some drilling into slab and foundation walls, this is to get the termites in the places that are hard to reach.

The other treatment similar to the one above is a non-repellent. This is also a treatment that goes through the soil but the only difference is that this treatment moves the termites into a special treated soil. Then these repellents will move throughout the treatment zone to the termites nest. Ensure that you talk with a termite company in order to determine the termite treatment cost.

Bait Treatment

Baiting is yet another effective way to treat termites. This is how the process happen, the termite company will place special monitors just below the ground to detect if termites are in the area. Thereafter, once the identification has been made they will place bait. The bait is a substance that can destroy all the termites at one time. There will also be something else attached to the bait in order to attract the termites.

These are other options that you have if you are not interested in using treatments that carry harmful toxins. It is also important to keep in mind that the termite treatment cost will depend on the type of treatment that you decide to go with.

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