Termite Treatment Cost – Get Your Home Prepared

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Termite treatment cost depends solely on the type of treatment you want to use to get rid of rid of them. But before you get wrapped up with the cost of termite treatment we will discuss how to get your home prepared for the treatment.

There are many types of methods used to get rid of termites so the preparation process for each may differs slightly. Here is the overall process that you should follow to get your home prepared for the termite fumigation process.

Termite Treatment Cost – Preparation for Fumigation

Interior Preparation

  1. Remove all pets and natural plants from the home, whether it is the dog or cat it needs to be taken to another place in the mean time.
  2. Ensure that your household items are stored in special bags that should be given to you by the pest control company. These bags are double protected to ensure that all you items stay protected. Not everything you have will need to be stuffed into these special bags only certain item need to be sealed away. Here are the most important things that need to be sealed away.

All types of dry foods that come is plastic or in a box. For example, chips and cereals.

All types of medications that you have.

Hair products such as shampoo and conditioner and also body soap.

3. Remove all your personal items from all drawers, because everything will be opened during the process. If there is anything else in particular that needs to be sealed or taken out of the house the pest control company will let you know.

Now that you understand the preparation procedure for the interior of the house let’s discuss the preparation process for the exterior part of the house.

Termite Treatment Cost – Exterior Preparation

  1. Clean the perimeter of your house. Ensure that everything is cleared out of the way.
  2. Ensure that all the doors that you have outside are unlocked because the pest company may want to ensure that everything is clear before they begin the process. This include small garages or tool sheds.
  3. Ensure that your vehicles are out of the garage and parked at least a couple of feet away from the house.
  4. Water the grass and any other plants that you have in the yard. The water helps your grass and plants from being destroyed by the treatment. It basically acts as a shield for your grass and plants. You should do this before you have your fumigation appointment.

The steps above is the basic process to get your home ready for the termite treatment. Although every treatment method is different this is the basic method that you should follow when doing the termite fumigation process and finding the termite treatment cost.

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