Termite Inspection Cost

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Like other things associated with termites, termite inspection cost is something that can be performed at anytime. Although they are more common when you are about to purchase a home. Whatever the case may be it is vital that you have all the information related to the cost of termite inspection.

Now there are two ways that you can have your home checked for termites, one is by simply calling a termite company to come out and have a look and the other is when you are about to purchase a home and you ask the home inspector if someone can come out to evaluate and inspect the home for termites.

Typical Termite Inspection Cost

As you may know there are various types of termite companies and these companies charge different prices. But we will discuss the overall termite inspection cost below.

The most typical cost for the inspection should average around $65 – $100. Now sometimes you will find commercial companies that perform free inspections, this is why it is important that you call around to various companies in your area to determine which comes out better. You will also find that some companies charge based on the size of your house.

Typically if you have a bigger house it is likely that your inspection is going to cost more. Ensure that when call around for termite companies that you ask them what exactly is included or if they have packages that include the termite inspection and treatment. Compare prices and see which comes out the best for you.

Another option you have is calling your homeowners insurance company and ask them whether or not your insurance policy covers termite inspections. If the insurance company does happen to cover termite inspection, they might also cover a portion or all of the termite treatment.

Remember to keep all this information in mind when you are looking for a the cost of termite inspection. All this is the basic rundown that you should know regarding termite inspection cost.

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