Termite Fumigation Cost

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If you have termites it is likely that you have been asking around for termite fumigation cost. It is also likely that you have been given a wide range of quotes. This is because there is no certain price for all houses. Continue reading below to fully understand the cost of termite fumigation.

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of termite fumigation. Let’s go into more detail about termite fumigation. Before we discuss the cost let’s look at the exact process that happens with termite fumigation.

Your home will be covered in a tarp and a chemical called Methyl Bromide will bombard your house from the inside out, this type of chemical is used to treat sever cases of termites such as Drywood termites. You will also be given a list of things that you should do in order to get your house ready for fumigation.

Termite Fumigation Cost

The size of you house depends a lot on how much the fumigation process will cost. It is likely that if you have a big house it is going to cost more. Often times quotes are given based on the square footage of your house, this helps the company know about how much chemical they will need to use.

Another important factor in fumigation is exactly how far your house is from the location of the company. The farther away your house is the more you are likely going to pay. There are some companies that charge additional for the fuel cost. This results in making the final cost a little more expensive.

Not all companies are going to charge the same amount for the fumigation process. Different companies charge for different things. So this has a lot to do with the termite fumigation cost.

Here is just an average estimate of about how much the termite treatment process would cost. For an average house around 1,200 square feet it would cost about $1,500 to 2,500.

Remember this all depends on the company that you decide to go with. This is just an estimate of how much it could cost.

Now that you have an understanding of what the fumigation process is as well as the determining factors of fumigation cost along with the average termite fumigation cost it can help you determine if the fumigation process is the best fit for you.

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