Starting Vegetable Plants From Mike The Gardener’s Seed Club Seeds

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I have been getting 4 packages of seeds in my mailbox each and every month. So now I have more than enough for our garden.

I looked through each pack of seeds as they arrived half expecting to get duplicates but with over 300 varietes of vegetable, herb and fruit seeds I haven’t seen a duplicate yet.

Mike The Gardener Seed Club

It hasn’t stopped raining here in Moncton, New Brunswick long enough for our yard to drain. However it’s dry enough in the house for me to start some of those seeds.

So over the past day or two I’ve been planting seeds from Mike. Thanks Mike.

There are more seeds than we have garden at the moment but once the rain stops and I can get out into the garden I will make it bigger.

We also have a couple of 4×8 raised beds that I am itching to use for some of my vegetables.

Right now one of them has strawberries planted in them I plan to transplant those to the south side of the yard. I will put a new strawberry patch on each side of the new rhubarb patch I managed to plant during a lull in the rain.

I was thinking it would be a better place for our squash as last year they took up half our garden. Kind of a waste of garden space so I’m sure I will like them better in the raised bed.

Our vegetable garden will be a little more organized this year. I am learning more each year and that’s exciting. So our plan is for better use of our available space.

Seed I’ve Started Planting Indoors

Today I will try to get some more planted but then I will have to head off to the garden center for more starter pots and soil beofre finishing up.

I am starting an herb garden indoors but once the weather is better it will be right outside our backdoor giving us quick access to the herbs we want to cook with.

I am starting with Parsley, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Chives and Dill and maybe a few more from seed I had left over last year.

Growing Giant Sunflowers

Peggy, one of my guitar jammin’ buddies has a friend with a daughter. Last year they started a sunflower as a project at school.

When school was over she brought it home but they have no yard to plant in so we planted it here.

It looked so nice I decided to plant an entire row of them behind my veggie garden.

So I planted those seeds as well. Now I will be able to put the shorter ones in a row infront of the tall one which can get as high as 10 feet.

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