Planting Tomatoes Home Gardening Tips

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We started gardening even before we had a plot to plant in. We just went the container gardening route and we started by growing tomatoes in containers.

Grow Green, Get Healthier

My understanding of the term going green, when in reference to home gardening would be to avoid anything that would be harmful to nature, animals and people.

There are green or natural ways of controlling those weeds and garden pests, without making your family sick in the process.

Growing Starter Tomatoes Plants Indoors

By starting our tomatoes indoors we can gain more than a month on our gardening. This way our tomatoes are already strong and healthy when planting time arrives.

I start them from seed in little peat pods and when the days are nice I put them out side for a bit to strengthen their stalks and roots.

Of course I bring them back indoors or at least put them in the garage at night.

Protect Tomato Stalks From Bugs

To protect our transplanted tomatoes from cutworms I wrap tinfoil around the stalk. I also make sure it’s all the way down the stalk to the roots so they can’t eat through the stalk.

Prune Your Tomato Plants For Better Fruit

Tomato plants will grow little suckers at the base of branches. These suckers do nothing more than drain energy that could be going to the branches that produce fruit.

I can remember watching my dad pinch suckers off tomatoes when I was just a kid.

Give Your Tomatoes Lots of Sunlight

Without light we couldn’t be able to grow much and it’s never been truer than when talking about growing tomatoes. They need a lot of sunlight, as much as 10 hours a day to make them really happy.

My first vegetable garden wasn’t the best looking garden but it taught me a lot of things that made our second year garden so much better.

One thing I realized is that a few trees will have to come down this winter to make room for the sunlight we need to have a good garden.

Secondly I will plant my tomatoes further apart so they have space to grow and get lots of sunlight.

Maintain Moisture Levels

Tomatoes want water but they don’t want to sit in it for extended periods of time like our poor tomatoes did this past summer.

I think gardening was about the best hobby I’ve started, well next to fishing anyways. I double the garden size from this past year and plan to grow enough tomatoes that we will be able to do some canning. That’ll be a great new experience for us.

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