Integrated Pest Management For The Environment

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When the sunshine comes to bless our cold homes with its warm rays in the springtime, we can expect melting snow, longer days and more pests. From earthworms to fruit flies, they come out in droves. It’s easy to grab your closest can of Raid and take care of the nasty critters. Unfortunately, it’s not good for your health, or the environment.

When it’s time to rid yourself of springtime’s favourite pests, consider what is best for everyone and everything exposed. There are a number of ways to maintain strict pest management without utilizing toxic chemicals.

Pest Management Tactics

Environmental: It’s as simple as taking a few precautions instead of waiting to find what you need when it comes to pest control.

Choose plants that are natural to your geographical area and disease resistant. These will attract less predators.

Rotating is key. It’s important to rotate your plants and soil within the area. This stops any disease from being able to take hold and affect every plant in the patch.

Keep old plants and trimmings out of the area. These can attract predators and ruin your live crop.

Take advantage of natural predators – bats for insects, frogs for caterpillars, etc.

Manual: There are a few tactics you can do yourself that will avoid the need for chemical pest controls, and are easy to implement.

Go through your plants and remove any beetles or bugs you can see.

Clean your tools after use. This ensures that disease on one plant won’t cross contaminate its neighbor.

Physical labor: You can tend your garden in a way that will maintain its healthy state.

Use a till to weed out bad plants and pests. Disturbing the area keeps your plants healthy while pushing out any pests who have decided to stick around.

Natural chemical controls: If you must resort to using a spray you should consider making your own. This way you know the quality of ingredients being used. While these should remain the last resort, they are certainly an acceptable substitute.

Crush garlic or onion and mix it with vegetable oil tea. This is fatal for small insects and bugs.

Mix 1-2 tbsp of bleach per one gallon of water for general pesticide use.

Integrated pest management is important for any garden owner or plant enthusiast. With the warm weather, pests are ready to pounce. Keeping them out of your garden or taking care of them as they come keeps your growing space clean, and avoids the spreading of disease from your garden to one down the street, etc. Go the all natural route, and you’ll raise healthier plants in a healthier environment.

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