How to Identify Termites

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Learning how to identify termites can sometimes be little complicated but more often than not you can find little traces that they leave behind. Continue reading to learn how to find the traces of these animals.

Termites are very small creatures that simply live their whole life eating away at everything that is made of wood, not to mention that they can cause homeowners thousands of dollars in damage if they are not detected fast.

Often times termites can be confused with ants since the look similar in many ways. This is why it is important to get a termite inspection to ensure that you do have termites.

Here are some helpful tips on how to identify termites

Figuring out how to spot termites can sometimes become a hassle if you have no idea what you are looking for. This is why it is important to that you first understand the different stages of a termite in order for you to be able to properly identify one.They all have the same ghostly look, this is how you can tell them apart from ants.

These creatures go through growing stages and these 4 stages are known as the larva, nymph, worker and soldier. Now the termite will appear different in these 4 stages, so this is why it is important you know what they look like in order to determine that you do have termites.

The soldier termites tends to have a bigger body than the rest, and their heads tend to be a darker color and their bodies tend to more of a lighter color and they have bigger jaws.

As for the termite worker, they are a little smaller than the soldier and have smaller jaws. Now since these are not considered soldiers yet they body has a unique distinction. The bottom part of their body is darker than the rest of their body, and as they grow into the soldier stage the darker part will begin to fade away.

And of course, the lymph is the next one down from the worker and thereafter follows the larva, which is the smallest one.

Another part of learning how to identify termites is by simply looking at the swings on the termite. Now many will say that ants and termites have the same swings, but this is not the case. If you examine closely ants do have 4 wings but they are not all the same size, they have 2 wings that are smaller than the other 2. However, termites have 4 wings that are the same size. This is just one of the ways to tell the ant and the termite apart.

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