Explaining What Organic Gardening Is

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It makes me happy to see and hear so many becoming aware about environmental issues and have turned to organic gardening like Jenny and I do. But we have found so many people that don’t know what organic gardening is so let’s go over a few things to help those people understand.

In it’s simplest form organic gardening is about using natural products in gardening meaning poisons in either fertilizing or pest control so as to help rather than hinder Mother Nature.

When we bought the home we so enjoy today we found all kinds of poisons around the property and even in the basement. Three weeks after moving in our dog Shadow became deathly sick and we actually lost her and broke my heart.

We are so much more fortunate these days as there are many alternatives to using harmful fertilizers and pest control formulas. Our family has no fear of our new dog Honey getting poisoned as we only use environmental friendly products.

Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer

When you think about it fertilizer is to your garden plants what food is to us. Every garden needs some fertilizer if you want to have healthy, lush plants and produce. All fertilizers should contain:

  • nitrogen;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium.

These three ingredients are what your plants need to grow healthy and strong. Not all organic fertilizers, like farm manure, come with all three so you may need to mix different things together to get the exact combination you desire.

A Few Organic Fertilizers Are:

Fish Emulsion – decomposed mashed up fish – this is kind of smelly but the smell goes away after a few days. High in nitrogen, this can help with early growth in spring.

Blood Meal – this powdered fertilizer is made from dried blood from cattle slaughterhouses – it is also high in nitrogen.

Chicken Droppings – Relax, I am talking about the NON stinky kind of pellets that are created from chicken droppings. It’s great and has all the nutrients your plants need for healthy growth. I lived on a farm, we had chickens, so I thought these pellets would take my breath away. So glad they weren’t smelly.

Organic Pest Control

There may be some extra work involved when one goes green or organic with pest control options but your grandchildren will thank you.

To make pest control work why net invite some help from garden friendly bugs and birds such as lady bugs, birds and lacewings. They can really help and save you some of that work.

Usually you can grow native plants as they tend to be more resistant to native pests and disease. However you still need to keep a close eye on your garden so you can manually pick unwanted pests out of your garden along with any diseased leaves or plants.

I spent the first 40 years of my life suffering horrible migraines where I would have to go into a room that I could make pitch black and just throw up for 12 hours.

It all started when I moved from Toronto to a farm to live. We didn’t know it at the time but it was pesticides on our food that poisoned every day of my life.

So I find organic gardening to be the perfect way to connect with nature and to give our children an earth that’s still able to support us for many more generations.

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