Choosing Container Gardening Pots Helps Get You On Track

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Almost anything can be grown in container gardening pots – beautiful flower-bearing plants, vegetables, herbs and even a mini forest of bonsai trees.

The containers in the image on the left were used to grow tomatoes, all the way from the sidewalk and right up their front porch steps. Pretty awesome.

For people living in urban areas, container gardening is a practical way to purify the air and to green one’s home. Actually container gardening is how Jenny and I started our first home gardening attempts.

For people in impoverished nations, container gardening is being taught to women in the context of food security. While for some it can be a hobby that brings vibrancy and color to a home, it can be more than that when vegetables are grown in pots.

What makes container gardening so truly wonderful are the ideas that one follow. While each garden is unique, there are common practices that gardeners can do to ensure the survival and growing of the plants.

  1. What determines the container gardening pots, the plants species and the size of the garden is the purpose or the design that the gardener wants to create. Choosing of pots can be based on how it will be used or the way it looks. The use of personal preference is usually acceptable yet one’s choice must never depart from the basic concept of suitability.
  2. This is an artificial environment, so check the elements and keep them in optimum levels. Choose the right size of the garden by deciding on the container; provide enough space to prevent competition. Avoid being waterlogged with the use of containers with a drainage system like drainage holes or a layer of gravel 1 to 2 inches thick at the bottom. To prevent the garden from drying out, do not use garden soil but good potting mix.
  3. Picking plants with similar needs in terms of water and sunlight requirements is strategic when doing combination or companion planting. To give the garden some harmony, choose plants with sizes that are suitable to the size of the pot and with preference to plants that can stand aridity. Do not plant active spreaders.
  4. Maintain the garden with enough sunlight, water and food. Despite the convenience of commercial fertilizers, going organic especially for vegetables for personal consumption. Using composts from one’s own biodegradable waste is best.

There are challenges in any home garden, container gardening included, yet it provides the chance to learn much by trying new concepts. Having the jitters at the start is normal for all beginners, get started with the right container gardening pots.

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